The Art of Archetype

The Art of Archetype

We dare you to take a velvet sledgehammer to the failed system that keeps you playing small. You are not an extra! So here's the baton to becoming the lead in your own story. 

You have a unique fingerprint that no one else has so you can leave an imprint that no one else can...The secret is YOUR ARCHETYPE!

Archetypes are the universal symbols and themes present within all of us, shaping our thoughts, behaviors, chosen occupations and life paths. 

The “Boogieman” exists in every culture and every civilization, from ancient to modern. So does the Hero, the Jester, the Rebel, the Sage, and eight more universal icons... Simply put, Archetypes and Story are fundamental to human survival. They help us to better understand ourselves by identifying our recurring patterns, motivations, and behaviors to provide a shared framework that guides us through the complexities of life.

Imagine the impact of connecting with your inner Hero or Lover and releasing old stories and patterns that no longer serve you or the direction you wish to go. With some guidance and a few simple tools, Selena teaches you how to embrace your core Archetype and shed your limiting beliefs so you can achieve that instant charisma boost!

As a successful TV and Film actress, armed with a PhD in Natural Health and a Certification in Jungian Life Story Coaching, Selena has combined all of her talents and knowledge into "The Art of Archetype". You'll learn how to breathe new life into your interactions, ignite self-trust, and it deepen your impact. 

Everyone deserves to book the lead role in the story of their life. Learn to claim it and walk confidently in the world. With Selena as your guide, you'll embark on a powerful and unique journey to peel back the layers that have separated you from your true essence so that you may rediscover the magic of whole you truly are! 

Once we unlock your core Archetype, there is no going back to playing it small. Selena sets you up with your own personal toolkit to empower you. You'll learn to embrace your quirks, celebrate your uniqueness, and book every room you walk into, whether it's a boardroom or a casting office. From CEOs to Armed Forces to Actors to Scientists to Influencers to Physicians, Selena is a Lightworker who continues to guide all walks of life!

So there's just one final question...

Who were you before the world told you who you are?